Workshop at the ITA and IDTA national conference in Harrogate: Check out the link at or you could also look out for us on facebook.

Bob Cooke TSTA (P) & May Senior-Johnson Teaching Transactional

Analysis, TSTA (P) MSC in TA

Never experienced Group Therapy? Or you may be starting your own Therapy Group for the first time! Or perhaps you want to brush up your own skills with regards to running a psychotherapy Group! Then this Workshop will be useful to you! In this workshop Bob Cooke and May Senior-Johnson will be co-running a Psychotherapy group to enable workshop participants to watch the Therapy and Dynamics of a TA group in action.

We will demonstrate:-

1. The use of Contracting

2. Identification of Therapeutic issues

3. How to maintain contact with clients

4. How to provide Protection, Permissions and Potency within the Therapeutic frame 

5. How to set Boundaries

6. How to deal with Transference and Counter-transference issues. We will be inviting 4-6 workshop participants to be part of the live psychotherapy group. Please note that you will only be eligible to be part of this group if you are currently undergoing psychotherapy and have already done at least 2 years of psychotherapy yourself.

TA Knowledge Required – Basic

Workshop Style – Teaching Experiential Demonstration Discussion

Applicable Fields – Counselling Psychotherapy


7th & 8th May Workshop to explore the third age. Come along to this workshop if you are interested in discussing what it is like to reach this important stage of your life. You will be retired and may not be sure about how to find fulfilment in your life. Come and join in our discussion on whatever is bothering you or come to discuss your achievements and your joys in life.

£30 per day 9-5pm limited to 20 people.